Three Totems on Peace

2019, Three totems on peace, installation, resin cubes with mixed media, Platforms Project, Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece, curated by Artemis Potamianou
Three Totems on Peace is a response to war and conflict that profoundly comments on the ongoing wars in Iraq, Libya, the Gaza strip, and Syria. A popular fact is that wars begin due to foreign interventions. Initially intended to ''end the war'', reach a stalemate where violence is ''used for the common good'' and the avenues for peace are tightly closed. The fact that the conflict is not limited to two opponents, involving many countries, sustains its continuation, which also works against any possible solution.

Three Totems on Peace ironically praise peace and bring into light some of the reasons and interests why powerful countries conduct, maintain and intervene in countries to promote ''peace''. The title holds a sarcastic and ironic stance that challenges the notion of peace that aims to spark thoughts on why countries perform atrocities.

The Platforms Project – Independent Art Fair (Athens, Greece) is an international artist-run art fair, an annual meeting of artists-groups-platforms. It is an international exhibition that aims to map how art collectives work and create channels of communication and cooperation with other countries. Its main objective is to map artistic action in the context of collective initiatives by artists who seek answers to questions by creating so-called platforms.
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