Remote Pafos

2017, Collaborator of Rimini Protokoll, Remote Pafos, for Pafos2017 European Capital Of Europe, Cyprus.
Theatre company Rimini Protokoll is considered one of the most important, pioneering and influential theatre companies in Europe during the last few years. It consists of Helgard Haug, Stefan Kaegi and Daniel Wetzel, who have been working together since 2002 and have been constantly developing new theatrical forms. In 2017 within the framework of Pafos2017 as the European Capital of Europe, the company included Pafos in their programme, with an en-route-performance in the city centre for 50 viewers at a time. A special soundtrack accompanied the performance in streets, parking spaces, churches
and courtyards, thus, changing the way we view and experience our city.

As a collaborator of Rimini Protokoll i was trained in order to guide the en-route-performance tour designed specifically for Pafos2017.
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