2024, Fragmented, mixed-media installation
"Fragmented" explores the disruption of social norms through a mixed-media installation. The project examines how fragmented identities can coexist and interact within the confines of societal expectations using local materials such as Cypriot stone, sand, concrete and soil that evokes a deeper connection to place and memory. Use the visual metaphor of fragmented land to represent the disruption of social norms that affect Cypriot society and identity that highlights the paradoxes of connective and the potential of glitch as an incentive for new dialogues.

How does the division of Cyprus affect the identities of its people, and how do they navigate the challenges of a fragmented society? In what ways can the land of Cyprus serve as a metaphor for the complexities of identity and the impact of historical and social divisions? How can art facilitate a deeper understanding of the cultural and political dynamics that shape Cypriot identity and encourage dialogue about the future of the island?

By integrating these Cypriot themes and elements, "Fragmented" not only explores the broader concepts of identity and societal norms but also provides a poignant and localized reflection on the unique challenges and experiences of the Cypriot people.

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